Saturday, July 31, 2010

"A" is for August

Here is another, non-review related post for your reading pleasure, =P

I'm about to enter my first reading challenge. Four blogs (Addicted-2-Novels, For What It's Worth, Karen's Addictions, and Tiger's All-Consuming Books) are hosting the Ultimate Reviewers Challenge. Participating bloggers are challenged to review as many books as they can in the month of August. Four lucky reviewers will at the end of the month win fabulous prizes, :D I just learned about it today, and scrambled to sign up, because hey, daily inspiration with literary enticements.

My goal is one review per day. Monday and Friday, I will post reviews of up to 1,500 words (my normal length, one I am attempting to lessen and streamline because it takes me forever to write them and I really should learn discipline). On every other day, I will post reviews of no more than 500 words (I mean TALK about discipline!) This ought to be interesting. Wish me luck!

It appears that Mary Elizabeth Braddon's 1862 thriller, Lady Audley's Secret, and Lauren Kate's 2009 YA fantasy romance, Fallen, will be the first reviews on Audible Candy.

Cheers, x3


  1. Good luck with your reviewing challenge. That is a huge goal you have set for yourself - one review a day! I will be cheering from the sideline!!

  2. Thank you for the good luck wishes, Chrizette! :D