About the Blog 

Audible Candy is the result of logging into Blogger one day and discovering the "Design" feature. I was mesmerized, and I could not rest until I had to designed a new blog. Audible Candy grew, slowly, from the chaos of my experimentation. I myself was reminded of a Frankenstein's monster rising from the depths of hell.

So that part where I ramble on about the audiobooks and podcasts I've listened to with all the single-minded intensity of a schoolgirl in love? (By the schoolgirl analogy, I mean the rambling. Not the listening.) That was an afterthought. Really.

My primary source for short audio fiction also happens to be my source for speculative fiction: I listen extensively to stories from the triad of sister podcasts PodCastle (fantasy), Pseudopod (horror), and Escape Pod (science fiction). I also listen to classics and public domain audiobooks from Librivox, Literal Systems, and ThoughtAudio.com. Libraries are my third source of audiobooks.

Audible Candy meanders into Dead Tree candy territory as often as it sticks with audiobooks, because I read as many books as I listen to. I read and listen to a variety of genres. My preference is an intriguing story and engrossing characters, whatever the genre. (Though... I must be honest: 17th century Gothic novels, no matter how blandly written, are my guilty pleasure, and I'm wary of mystery and romance, and a bit iffy on chick-lit, particularly of the YA persuasion.)

I will sometimes respond at several page length to a book that has particularly engaged me (whether I enjoyed it or not is another matter entirely). I try to keep my posts spoiler-free (particularly where books more recently published are concerned), but I will warn for potential spoilers. I suspect I don't write proper reviews: I itch to dissect characters, squint through literary lenses, and draw thematic comparisons with Venn diagrams between books I've previously read at great length. Which would accounts for the several page essays I mentioned earlier. So... um... beware long paragraphs?

I love book recommendations.

And pen pals. (Or e-mail pals... if that is a term.)

Emoticons are pretty cool too. I have a habit of overusing them, x3

About Me In Five Fun Facts

1) I'm a college student, a November novelist, and a complete and utter logophile. I sometimes prefer the critical analysis to an actual book, and enjoy reading long, rambling reviews that plunge beneath the surface of the one's reaction to the story to the depths of one's opinion and experience with it. ... In short: walls of text, FTW!

2) My life is dedicated to learning to clean ALL the things. (Link to a post/comic at Hyperbole and a Half, a massively entertaining blog done in stick figures. The link contains a smattering of partially blipped profanity, just to warn you.)

3) My bed drifts upon an ocean of half-finished novel manuscripts, a few hundred outlines, and a few thousand notebooks. Living trees do not approve of my paper-wasting habits.

4) I am an unashamed fangirl. My fandom haunts include The Legend of Zelda, the Chronicles of Narnia, any and all things Mario, the Inheritance Cycle (guilty pleasure, not going to lie, xD), Harry Potter, Super Smash Brothers, and recently, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Whether that fandom also appears in a corresponding spot on my list of favourites is a matter up for debate. I parse my likes like that.

5) I worship at the Altar of Footnotes. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, anyone? That novel had magic, amoral Fair Folk, and footnotes galore. It was like Christmas and birthdays and the new Wii Zelda all in one!