Sunday, July 25, 2010

Down To Business

I refuse to contemplate how long it’s taken me to set up this blog.

See, Blogger’s Design feature offers a veritable embarrassment of riches—I go in for a simple template and background combo and days later, I’m still deciding whether half-transparent sidebars look nice against a wallpaper of psychedelic circles. I almost forget I stumbled into the blogosphere wishing merely to write.

(And impose my ramblings upon countless innocents! Please insert Laughter of an Evil Overlord and/or Psycho Violins here.)

But “merely writing” has proved an equally complicated business. I first had to decide on the subject of my blog (as, without one, I suspected I would end up writing about—wait for it—my neighbour’s cat. I don’t own one. But the neighbour’s cat is a fascinating thing of evil. Not a year old and already it makes a career of terrifying the kids with its evil jack-in-the-box routine). Having decided on a subject, I scrambled to list ideas for content, to tide me over on those days when the mental wellspring runs as dry and dusty as an Arizona summer.

A sample of that list:

1) Write a review for the books and short stories I listened to in 2010!
a. Insert 500+* audiobook/podcast list here

2) Write a review for the books and short stories I read in 2010!
b. Insert 1000+* printed book list here

3) Write about the really cool essays I read for curricular and extracurricular purposes!
c. Insert beginnings of a list here. Will return with numbers

4) Link to awesome stuff about reading, writing, and listening and write about why it is awesome!
d. Too many links. Insert some kind of Critical Existence Failure.

5) Don’t write about the neighbour’s evil cat!

Except for that last item… it’s a somewhat ambitious, and [over?]enthusiastic list, methinks.

But c’est la vie. I shall take this one step at a time. Whatever happens, this blogging journey should be interesting.

* Hyperbole employed for affect. Whether the affect is successful or not is another matter entirely.


  1. Ahahaha, sometimes blogging can bog you down! I kind of make myself mental notes about posts to write and stuff, but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming - I still haven't written reviews for some movies/books I read/watched this year - but I NEED to! :P BUT it is really fun, and I'm not complaining!

  2. Exactly! I love how fun blogging, and meeting other bibliophiles through the written word, can be. The excitement mollifies the horror of realizing that there are so many reviews to write, and so little time to do that writing in! xD